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Important Financial Information for Public Funded Matters

(Please also read the accompanying sheet on

 the Terms under which we will act for you)


How are my legal costs going to be paid?


As a parent involved in care proceedings (or certain other proceedings being brought by social services) you are automatically entitled to free Legal Aid from the outset of the matter.  This is irrespective of whether you have a reasonable chance of succeeding or what your financial circumstances are.


Will I have to pay anything myself?




Will I have to pay my Legal Costs back?




Could I be ordered to pay anyone else’s costs?




How much is my case likely to cost?


It is not really possible to give an accurate estimate of final costs at this stage, simply because we do not yet know what is going to be involved.  Some cases settle without much fuss at all and others involve several hearings at court and consideration of complex issues.   However as a very rough indication care proceedings usually cost between £4,000 and £10,000.


These are only very rough figures and we are obliged to update our estimate to you every six months.


If I have Legal Aid, why do I need to know how much my case will cost?


The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) requires a client to be kept aware of what his or her case is costing.


Once granted a Public Funding Certificate, will I be covered until my case is finished?


It is possible for the LAA to cancel your certificate if you fail to give me instructions.  In these circumstances I am obliged to tell the LAA and they will write to you giving you an opportunity to show cause why your Legal Aid should continue. 


How long will my application for Legal Aid take?


If court proceedings are imminent I will have granted emergency Legal Aid under our devolved powers.  This means you are covered immediately.    Your certificate will come through within the next few weeks.


If the LAA sends you correspondence asking for further information please answer it straight away


Acceptance of this Financial Information and the Terms under which we will act for you


Your continued instruction of this firm will amount to acceptance of our terms and conditions of business.

Provision of Service Regulation 2009


We comply with the above regulations by displaying the required details of our Professional Indemnity Insurance at our office

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